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Bridal Bouquets

Round Shape Wedding Bouquet in Korean style
Cascading Wedding Bouquet

We will pick the freshest flower for the bouquet according to your preference on the requested day. If the requested flowers are unavailable during the season, we will replace them with other stunning choices at similar prices and aesthetics.


Korean style

The Korean-style bouquets are exquisite and petite, easy to mix and match for different occasions. Highly recommend it for styling with a light-wedding or high-waist wedding dress. Its curvy outlook also gives you a tasteful shade of bloom.


Round shape

The traditional round-shaped bouquets are accessible for the brides to carry around and show their unique beauty from variable angles. It will make your bridal photographer (and your groom) have some memorable shots much more effortless and no more awkward posing with your bouquet. With more focal flowers, it will also be more weighty and massive, bringing you a sense of luxury.


European Style

Gauzy layering is the main feature of European-style bouquets. It emphasises the shape and streamlined design with a natural and raw aesthetic. We will take inspiration from the couples’ dresses, the venue and the style, making sure the bouquet can elevate the wedding in subtle beauty.



Unlike usual bouquets, Cascade is a larger bouquet as it tends to use long stems flowers. It will be presented downwards like a waterfall with a three-dimensional design and drip form. We will kindly consider the bride’s height to customise the Cascade's length, ensuring the wedding is a dreamy scene but not a mess.

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